Monday, July 27, 2009

Retro Monday... Purple Prose and Violet Rays

This is a late post in honor of the Lord of Tech, Nikola Tesla, who's birthday was only a few weeks ago.

That's him at left behind a very reserved-seeming Samuel Clemens. (More on this gentleman another time.)

I know the usual thing to do in this situation is to make fun of the silly tech pawned of as his "secret discoveries", but I want to make something clear...

Without him we might not have:

So when people go on about his manias, "death rays", ioncraft, or his beliefs in eugenics; it just serves to dilute all the wonders this man brought to us.

But, even I have to wonder what people were thinking about when portable tesla coils were used in the creation of Voilet Rays. More here.

Now aside from this old set I found on Ebay, I bet you're thinking no one still looks to buy these things for anything other than a curiousity, right?

Wrong. (Why do I do this to myself? I know where this is going...)

Of course Cacye had to be involved in this:


It could be worse, they could be selling useless orgone gener...

THAT IS IT! I'm building a rocket to Mars! See you all later!

Goodbye and goodnight,


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