Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wedenday's Work Woes...

Due to a nasty stomach flu I left work early yesterday and worked from home today.

The Mid-Wife was concerned that they might be upset that I took the day when the head manager is out on vacation. I told her not to worry, they knew I was sick yesterday, and I told them about staying home as early as I could. Everything should be fine,

Unfortunately, she was right. They were upset... But not because I called out sick.

It started when the second-in-command sent me an email to call him.

"How are you feeling?" he asked, "I see you doing work, but I thought you were going to try and come in today?"

"I'm OK, but I didn't get enough sleep last night from being sick, so I changed my mind. I tried contacting you sooner, but you were out."

"So you think it's the flu? Not food poisoning?"

That was a weird question, I thought. I didn't mention food poisoning. "No, my wife was in contact with someone at her job who came down with the stomach flu. So, I think that's probably what did me in. Also, I had a bout of food poisoning a month ago, and I got sick right after I ate the bad food. The first time I got sick now was late at night when I was sleeping. My wife ate the same thing as me for dinner, and she's fine."

"Oh, are you sure?"

Again, weird. "Yeah, why do you ask?"

"Well, if it's the flu, the corporation is asking us to let them know of anyone who comes down with it. Because of the Swine Flu epidemic."

So that's why I was working from home today with "food poisoning".



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