Sunday, July 26, 2009

Serial Sunday Part 5

Finally getting things back under control. Life is good, the Mid-Wife and I are checking out houses now, being that we've been talking seriously about raising a family.

Yeah, even I'm surprised at that one.

Also, I've been extremely fortunate to get back in touch with one of my oldest friends, Joe and his wife Toni-Ann, who I haven't seen in more than ten years. Between what hasn't changed and was has, taking time to catch up has been a big breath of fresh air. I'd be remiss not to mention that one of the biggest changes has been their two sweet, adorable kids, Victoria and Vincent, both of whom are quickly becoming part of my small group of favorite people on the planet.

A very small group, maybe, but important none-the-less. ;)

Let's get back to the story...

You Lost Me...

A serial story
By MiddleMan

Part Five

Craig felt like the world was screaming at him all at once, his head was in a spin and nothing could help him now...

"Carrie! We haven't seen you here for years!"

Except his mother.

"Oh, come in dear!" his mother pleaded with the Bitch, "How's your mom? Craig's girlfriend Linda is here as well!"

Or, maybe not...

"Oh, Detective! I didn't see you there. You come in as well, can I get you something to drink?"

"No, I think maybe Craig needs some more time to heal." Dakins replied. His big hand grasped Craig's hand before he could react, and pressed a business card into it. "Call me when you get the time, OK?" He turned his large frame to the Bitch and handed another one to her, "You look like you may need this, too."

"Uh, sure, huh, thanks," she said while still trying to avoid Craig's stare. "I think I should leave, too," she said to Craig's mother.

"Nonsense! Come in! Why, you haven't come around here since you and Craig were little!"

This was true. He and Carrie had been good friends when they were younger. She was the neighborhood tomboy and was the best "bottlecaps" player. Unfortunately, Craig couldn't see that young girl he once knew, just the Bitch she became.

"Mom? Can you give us a minute?" he deplored to his mother, "She, uh, just wants to ask me something quick."

His mother looked a little disappointed, "OK, but don't forget Linda." She walked away leaving a faint smell of developer in her wake.

Craig screwed up his nerve and looked at Carrie. "Are you crazy, Bit...," he caught himself before finishing, "I mean, Carr?" He surprised himself by using his old nickname for her.

"No. I mean maybe. I don't know," she looked more stunned than he was by the name, "Look, somethings going on around here and I think it's affecting us and everybody else!"

Craig took a step back and looked at her. She seemed serious, but he hadn't seen that look in some time, so he wasn't sure. "Are you talking about the party? Look, that was... I don't know! I don't want to talk about it now!"

"Talk about what? Oh, that. Look, that may be part of it or not, but I'm not concerned about that," She said more rational than Craig would've given her credit for. "Meet me later at the corner drug store downtown, if you don't want to talk here. I'll be there until six."

He wanted to tell her off, but she turned around and strode away with a determination better left alone. He rubbed his head and tried to understand what just happened. Was something really going on, or was the world just going crazy?

"Uh, what was she doing here?"

Linda's voice snapped him back into reality with a cold feeling in his stomach. "She's crazy, nothing new, Hon," he turned to face her and was met with a stare that would've frozen a bull in it's tracks, "She's, uh, looking for her oily boyfriend or something. I told her I didn't know anything."

She looked at him like she didn't believe a thing that came out of his mouth, but she just said, "Fine. Let's get back to what we were talking about, right?"

They spent the rest of the afternoon talking about colleges and why it suddenly wasn't a good idea for her to go anymore. She said that maybe he was right, maybe she needed to take time off to "find herself". She recently came to the decision that all of her planning for college may have been crazy, and there was something else waiting for her.

Craig tried to understand where she was coming from, but this was so different from what she was normally that he found himself confused. All he could say was that maybe she should think about it, maybe she was just letting her fears get the best of her. All this did was make her mad that he didn't understand where she was coming from.

Also, his constantly checking the time didn't help...

Finally, another one done! More soon, staring to make multiple post ahead of time.



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