Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday, Much todo...

Had a lot to do today, but I had some time to do some thinking about things...

The serial story is coming along OK. It's not my best stuff, but it could be a lot worse. And I'm having fun.

I was listening to a past Skeptiod episode that struck a cord with me about am essay regarding religion and modern science that has been rolling around in my head, but I want to put some more effort into it before I write on it.

I want to keep Mondays mostly retro tech (or as close as I can). Today's tech is something that made me go "Hunh?" on my daily commute here. This is something I hadn't seen in over twenty years!

Also, I need to take more time in planning these out, or do them in advance when the muse hits me. Work has been crazy, and as much as it's given me some good stories, it really saps my creativity.

That's about it, getting tired and I'm going to cut this short. More to come tomorrow.



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