Saturday, June 13, 2009

Solidarity Saturday...

I promise that alliterations will not be a constant thing...

From a number of blogs I frequent; Skepchick, Pharyngula, Panda's Thumb, and a score of others I have forgotten, but are just as important.

It seems that Casey Luskin of the Discovery Institute (of Creation Knowledge Specialists); hereafter known as DICKS: has been very, very bad. Not only does he lie to his followers on the Discovery Institutes's website, he lies on national TV, as shown in this video below by one of my favorite YouTubers, DonExodus2:

OK, you say, he lies, big deal. The only people harmed by this are the fools that follow him.

First off, those "fools" vote, and not in their own best interests at times. The school board issue now going on in Texas has been one of many proofs of concept that Creation Science is bad for science education and bad for political discourse.

But, I'm getting off topic: the problem is that Casey and DICKS have decided to do do something both bad and stupid (a dangerous combination) - file a FALSE DMCA.

This something which - at the least - is a distraction for YouTube. Unfortunately, if YouTube's former reactions to the filing of DMCAs (either true, false, or ambiguous), this can become very messy, very quickly.

So DonExodus2 has asked people to embed and mirror his videos all over, to show our solidarity against this kind of censorship. The video below explains further:

So here's my small part. I'm leaving both of these up as long as I can.

DonExodus2 is also considering legal action, which I hope ends up as a huge media event that makes DonExodus2 and the rest of the pro-scientific community very happy; has YouTube make changes in how it deals with DMCAs; and make DICKS look like a bunch of... uh, dicks.

Sadly, this has had precedence before. But, I think what Thunderf00t did to his menace has it's merits.

That last one still makes me giggle...



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