Monday, June 8, 2009

What size sheet do you wear? A4, or Legal...?

A quick post today.

I was doing laundry yesterday before we went out and I got into a discussion with a couple of ladies in the building. One of them talked about how tried she was to do laundry, and she wished that they made clothes that you wear once, then throw them away.

Cue the all-knowing nerd-boy.

At that point I had to tell her about paper clothes.

Something from a much more innocent time, where the rampant consumerist culture wasn't something that would doom future generations. Where recycling was only for tin cans, and fashion changed a quickly as people changed their... Well, uh, clothing.

So something like this is a novelty and not something that we use today, right?

Well, ever been stuck in the hospital? Ever got those paper slippers in the appropriately-shaped Kleenex box? That's not the only thing hospitals use made to be cheap and disposable.



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