Sunday, June 14, 2009

Serial Sunday Part 2...

I hate to say this, but I'm glad that the first part is over.

My biggest problem with writing has always been the beginning and the end. I have (what I believe) is a good story, but I'm always unsure of how to start, and how to finish. The Mid-wife even had to yell at me last week to, "Leave it alone!", and "Go to bed!" as I was sitting there, fretting over the keyboard. But, I did finally let it go and publish it as is.

I say this but I'll still check it over again after this post...


You Lost Me...

A serial story
By MiddleMan

Part Two

Climbing out of the shower, Craig nearly found the floor the first time he stepped onto the tile. He grabbed a towel, and, as he dried himself off, he glanced around at the steamy bathroom, trying to remember something...

It was when he saw the now soggy and slightly-but-still-vomit-covered shoes that he remembered that he still had work to do. He grabbed the sneakers and a scrub brush and attempted to not let the smell make him spew again as he got them as clean as he could.

He was almost done when he was interrupted by his sister, banging on the door and asking him to, "Get his ass in gear!", again. Making sure that his towel was cinched up around his waist, he grabbed the sneakers then opened the door to see his sister about to scream again. At that point he caught her by surprise by shoving the now soaking sneakers right into her arms. She was so shocked, all she could squeak was, "Did you shower with these?"

"Yes, I thought it'd thrill you to imagine them near my nude body!" he said right before slamming the door in her face. That didn't help his headache, but he didn't care.

The stunned silence lasted less than he'd hoped. "C'mon and get out! I need to use the bathroom!" It was sure that she wasn't going to back down just because her shirt was now wet.

"Use the one downstairs," he answered.

"I can't, Mom's using it to develop film again!" her whining came through the door.

"All right, hold on," he groaned. He put himself together, quietly seething about his mother's new hobby. It had taken over a good part of the other bathroom, and, since it was only a month old, probably going to grow in coverage.

He opened the door, about to say something witty on the way out, but he suddenly found his head being used as a makeshift shoe rack. "You're not finished! Put them someplace sunny, so they air out!" she snickered as she ran past into the bathroom. The door slammed shut before he could put them where the sun didn't shine.

Walking back to his room, he realized that he was never going to win with his sister, as he dropped her sneakers near the cat's litterbox.


Later, he walked out of his door and regretted that he never bought a pair of cheap sunglasses. The day was bright and clear; the only storm was slowly abating in his head. He looked at his bike, which looked like he had just left it to its own means after he rode it home from Jim's house last night.

"That's it! This all Jim's fault!" he reasoned to himself, "If I hadn't gone to his party, none of this would have happened." Why Jim also invited that Bitch was another thing he couldn't fathom. He hopped on his bike and pumped as fast as he could deal with over to Linda's

He had spent most of the party trying not get in "glaring contests" with her, but had little luck. He was without Kelly, due to her parents dragging her away on a day trip, and the bitch seeming to be without the morbid little sycophant that usually clung to her leg like a greasy tick.

He remembered that the living room they sat in was suddenly empty of everyone else but himself and her. (Apparently, someone had mentioned something about dares and skinny-dipping, and that; along with the combination of too much alcohol; had caused a mass exodus out to the swimming pool.) Both of them tried to ignore the other's existence until the quiet made her speak.

"Soooo, where's Linda?"

"Out with her parents, looking at schools," he stated as coldly as he could, "Where's your extra appendage?"

"Asshole! His name is Jeffery, and he'd kick your ass if you said that to his face!" She sneered at him, then suddenly got almost sad, "I don't know where he is."

She got up and walked to the window. Craig thought he should leave the room and give her space, but he found himself walking towards her. It was only when he found his hand reaching up to touch her shoulder that he shocked himself with his actions. Why was he feeding her call for attention so blatently?

Before either of them could speak, he held her face and brought his head down into a kiss. He felt her lips part slowly as they merged with his, gradually starting follow each other's curve of the mouth. Her smell of lilacs and musk captivated his nose, as he flet her suddenly grab a hold of his bottom lip with her teeth. At this, she suddenly stopped and said...

"DO I KNOW YOU!?!" screamed the grey blur that tossed him from his bike and onto the grass, "AM I ME?"

Before he could answer he found his head assulted with the rear tire of his bike, then watched as the lights went out around him...


More to come next week...



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